Kirk Cousins? Are You Serious Mike Shanahan?

From this fan's perspective, after taking the dazzling Robert Griffin III at no. 2, why take another QB? The Redskins have needs along the O-line and in the defensive backfield which this fan would think rate higher than taking another QB. Hopefully though, this pick means we've seen the last of 'Sexy Rexy'.

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Bryce Harper Called Up By the Nationals (Video) (Open Thread)

Personally, I can't wait to see what Bruce Harper does up in the big leagues.

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Katy Perry Rocks American Idol (Video)

Loved the entrance and the military theme in the video. Via One year after performing “E.T.” on the “American Idol” stage, Katy Perry returned. The pop star sang “Part of Me” on Thursday’s show, embracing the military theme she used for the song’s music video. Katy Perry" "Part of Me" live by HumanSlinky

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Lets Joy Behar Have It (Video)

Disgusting lib Joy Behar saw some video of Mitt Romney brushing his hair and instantly thought of the philandering liberal John Edwards? Thankfully, Conservative sister Elizabeth Hasselbeck was there to put the vile Ms. Behar in her place. Via Breitbart.TV: The View's Joy Behar, after ripping into former presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC), tried to [...]

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Dear NFL, If You’re Gonna Kill the Pro Bowl…

Bring back the College All-Star game in which college football's stars play against a team of NFL All-Star's. It's just a thought. Via Pro Football Talk: The quality of play in the Pro Bowl has deteriorated to such an extent that the NFL might just scrap it. The idea for getting rid of the Pro [...]

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Tweet Of The Day – The Curse Of Peggy

LOL tweet from Alan Robinson on Twitter. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the tweet references Discover cards hockey commercials.

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Joel Ward Sends The Washington Capitals Onward! (Video)

Nice job by the fourth line tonight. I saw somewhere on Twitter (can't find it now) that the last time the Capitals won three games in Boston in the playoffs was 1998, the year the Caps went to the Stanley Cup finals. Great hustle by Joel Ward!

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