Six-Year-Old to Compete in National Spelling Bee (Video)

Via Newsy, six-year-old Lori Anne Madison to be the youngest ever competitor in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Go Lori Anne! Related articles Lori Anne Madison of Virginia is youngest contestant in National Spelling Bee ( 85th annual National Spelling Bee features Lori Anne Madison, the youngest speller ever ( The 6-Year-Old Who Qualified For [...]

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Ohio Man Fined After Giving Cash To Panhandler (Video)

WTH is this world coming to? Via AP

CLEVELAND (AP) -- An Ohio man says he was giving money to a panhandler in a wheelchair when the cash fell to the ground and he was cited by police for littering. WJW-TV reports John Davis, of Elyria, could have been ticketed for donating to a panhandler but instead was cited for a potentially more expensive violation issued to people who dump trash. It's a $344 ticket, plus court costs and attorney fees. The 42-year-old Davis says he was driving May 17 when he spotted the panhandler and reached out of his vehicle to give the man a couple of dollars, but the money dropped.
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‘The Last Full Measure’ – A Memorial Day Weekend Tribute

Memorial Day is the day that we salute all the women and men who have served our country and given their life in the name of freedom. In war and peace these brave individuals make sacrifices far beyond what most of us appreciate. In the name of freedom, they give up the comfort and convenience of civilian life in order to protect our rights and liberties. Without their devotion to duty and dedication to freedom there simply would not be a United States of America. On this Memorial Day, please make a point of remembering those women and men who have given the last full measure of devotion in the cause of freedom.

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