U.S. Navy Rescues Iranian Vessel

Thank you military!

The AP reports:

Just days after Iranian leaders warned the U.S. to keeps its aircraft carriers out of the Persian Gulf, a U.S. Navy ship that had just finished operations in the Gulf rescued an Iranian fishing boat that had been commandeered by suspected Somali pirates.

U.S. Navy officials said that American forces flying off the guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd responded to a distress call from the Iranian ship, the Al Molai, which had been held captive by pirates for more than 40 days.

A U.S. Navy team boarded the ship Thursday and detained 15 pirates who had been holding the 13-member Iranian crew hostage and were using the vessel as a “mother ship” for pirating operations in the Persian Gulf.

UPDATE: The Iranian Government says thank you (well sort of)



Was Ron Paul The Real Winner Of The Iowa Caucus?

More and more everyday, it seems as there will be a brokered GOP convention in Tampa.

Business Insider reports:

Ron Paul may have officially come in third in tonight’s Iowa caucuses, but if his organizational strategy went off as planned, it is possible that the Texas Congressman is actually the real winner of the state’s Republican nominating contest.

Senior advisors for Paul’s coalitions team told Business Insider this week that the campaign’s organizational strategy was focused not only on getting as many votes as they can, but in making sure that their volunteers stuck around after the voting to make sure that they were nominated as delegates to the county’s Republican convention — the first step towards being appointed as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

That’s because Iowa’s Republican caucuses are actually non-binding — it’s technically just a straw poll. The only thing that will get Paul’s — or any other candidate’s — Iowa supporters to Tampa this year is if they stuck around and volunteered, or were elected, as delegates.