As Ronald Reagan once said, ‘The nine most terrifying words in the English language are – I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.’ Via Instpundit, Mathew Ingram atr Gigaom explains how Congress may have just recently declared war on the internet.

I LOVED having Siri, the virtual assistant app, on my iPhone 4. It’s now exclusively on the iPhone 4S. I can’t wait until Apple gets more phones in stock so I can upgrade. This brilliant ad from Apple shows why Siri rocks.

I had to make an important delivery over in NW Washington, DC yesterday and as I got near the Lincoln Memorial, traffic slowed to a crawl and thanks to HotAirPundit, now I know why. Since the President decided to make an outdoor speech a lot of the streets around the speech were closed so, I was about an hour late for work. Outrageous.

Dave Grohl, the local guy gets on the BIG stage at Verizon Center. Alexandria LOVES Dave.  For more information on the show, click this link.

This is for my niece Jordan who is a HUGE Justin Bieber fan. I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool tune.

Kudos to the heroic pilot for doing a belly landing in Warsaw, Poland. A Boeing 767 flying from New York with 230 people on board made an emergency landing at Warsaw’s airport after trouble with landing gear. The plane had dropped fuel and circled above Warsaw for some time. Warsaw airport closed to all other flights, nearby streets were cleared, and a landing strip was especially prepared at the airport Read More...

Polo player extraordinaire.