Democrats Aren’t The Only One’s Who Can Make Bumper Stickers

The Daily Caller (DC) responds to the Democrats' 'Not a Republican' bumpersticker. Very cool & well done DC!

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Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (Video)

My wife & I are debating whether or not to see the Salmon Fishing In the Yemen movie this evening. What say you? Have you seen it?

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Record Store Day (Video)

Having worked in and run a record store in my day, this great documentary from SnagFilms on record storesbrings back a lot of great memories. Check it out at the link above. (H/T Teds Take)

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Cartoon Of The Day – LA Times Reporter Poses With Troops

Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from Investor's Business Daily hits the nail on the head when it comes to the LA Times releasing photos of our troops overseas posing with dead suicide bombers. If you like political cartoons, be sure to check Michael Ramirez’s work in his book titled ‘Everyone Has the Right [...]

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President Obama Loudly Booed At 100th Anniversary Of Fenway Park

Considering that Fenway Park is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, long one of the bluest, most liberal states in the country, this can’t be good news for President Obama.

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Confirmed: President Obama’s Added The Most To The National Debt In History

President George Bush added $4.9 trillion during his eight years in office. President Obama is over five trillion in less than four.

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R.I.P. Dick Clark (Video)

Another piece of music history is gone. Dick Clark - famed TV producer, and "New Year's Rockin' Eve" host - died from a massive heart attack this morning, TMZ reports. He was 82. Details surrounding his death are unclear, but Clark had suffered a significant stroke in 2004 - forcing him to retire from his [...]

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