Chuck Woolery takes on Barack Obama’s class warfare rhetoric. The last video on cutting spending was huge! How will Chuck top it? Enjoy. (H/T Fox Nation) (Source:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wishes you a ‘Merry Christmas.’ How many world leaders issue a Christmas message like this? Not many. (Source:

Great Read: Rick Reilly On The John Fox/Tim Tebow Relationship

How I’d love to take a really, really, really expensive vacation and charge someone else for it… Malia Zimmerman at The Hawaii Reporter writes: The U.S. Secret Service has arrived, street barricades are in place, and the U.S. Coast Guard has stationed itself in the waters surrounding Kailua, Oahu. That is a sure sign President Barack Obama’s security team is preparing for the first family to arrive in the small Read more...

Via HotAirPundit, this video of a 9 News Denver reporter’s embarrassing slip of the tongue is going viral. I can certainly relate to the reporter on the right as I once, when I was younger and it was much colder, referred to Burger King as ‘Booger King.’ (Source: Whoopi Goldberg passes gas on live TV. The fart is the smartest thing Whoopi Goldberg I have heard Whoopi say. Exit question: Why is it only liberals that pass gas on TV? (Source:

In this NFL Red Zone video, listen to how Tim Tebow leads his team against Da Bears. In addition to having a monster quarterback rating after the third quarter and a pretty good D, he’s a good leader on the field as well. (H/T (Source: