John Wayne On Liberals (Video)

Audio from 1975 with ‘The Duke’ commenting on liberals and how their ‘conning us into ‘Liberalism, socialism, and keynesianism.’ (Video via Patriot Update)

Well, this was inevitable given the popularity of this scene from Downfall on YouTube. The best part in this one is when Hitler finds out how well Rick Santorum did. Enjoy. (Video via the other McCain)

More and more everyday, it seems as there will be a brokered GOP convention in Tampa. Business Insider reports: Ron Paul may have officially come in third in tonight’s Iowa caucuses, but if his organizational strategy went off as planned, it is possible that the Texas Congressman is actually the real winner of the state’s Republican nominating contest. Senior advisors for Paul’s coalitions team told Business Insider this week that Read More...

(Taken with Instagram)

Here Comes The NHL Winter Classic Baby! (Video)

Getting ready for the Winter Classic baby! It’s gonna be a great game. Loves these outdoor hockey games.