Americans Buy Record Number Of Guns For Christmas

New Jon Huntsman Ad: ‘The Ron Paul Chronicles’ (Video)

‘The Ron Paul Chronicles.’ The Jon Huntsman campaign is out with a web ad showing Ron Paul’s true colors.

Occupiers Kicked Out Of Iowa Coffee Shop (Video)

Coffee shop owner in Iowa tosses #OccupyIowa out of her shop during a campaign event. About 2:00 in to the video, the owner, Amy Brehm tells Chris Moody of Yahoo News after Police escort the protesters out of the shop: “I just had to shut it down, I couldn’t stand it. We all have our rights, but not in my place.” Good for her for standing up for her rights Read More...

Power grids, cell phones and GPS signals could be affected. Video of the report can be found at this link on Fox News.

What will we do this election cycle? Apparently, the Big O is on the outs with Big Al. Great read from the Media Decoder blog at the New York Times which you can find at this link.

BIG solar flare blast coming this weekend