Happy Mother’s Day!

On Mother's Day, I am reminded of a great & beautiful story I once heard.

Mitt Romney’s Liberty University Commencement Speech (Video)

In case you missed it, you can view it above. The transcript is located at this link. It’s a pretty good speech and was well received by the crowd at the graduation ceremony.

Happy National Train Day (Video)

National Train Day marks the 143rd anniversary of the creation of the nation's first transcontinental railroad. On May 10, 1869, in Promontory Summit, Utah, the 'golden spike' was driven into the final tie that joined 1,776 miles of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railways, forever transforming the face and character of America.

West Virginia – Don’t Let Obama/Biden 2012 Fool You (Video)

Despite what Obama/Biden is trying to do on their website by covering up the truth, both President Obama & VP Joe Biden are against coal. See this little video from the 2008 campaign where Joe Biden speaks with an activist.

How The ‘Ideal Wife’ Disciplines Her Kids (Video)

Here is a funny clip from an episode of the Donna Reed show. In this clip from “The Ideal Wife,” Donna makes a joke about how she disciplines her children. For more about the Donna Reed show visit http://www.donnareeddvd.com. Happy Mothers Day! To all the Moms out there.

Dear New York Post: Series Isn’t Over Yet – The Caps Won!

The New York Post thinks the New York Rangers have already won their Stanley Cup series against the Washington Capitals. This headline comes after the Caps beat the Rangers in game 6 to even the series at 3-3. Go Caps! (Image via Russian Machine Never Breaks & Bruce Arthur)