Barack Obama Lies to the People About #IranDeal

President Obama said the Iran deal will allow inspectors 24/7 access to any of Iran's facilities. That's not necessarily true.

CNN Goes Full on Donald Trump #Trumpgasm

I wonder if (CNN (a.k.a the Clinton News Network) has said Hillary Clinton's name 239 times in 1 day like they did with Donald Trump last week? Doubtful.

Scott Walker Announces Run for President

Not a huge Scott Walker fan but, kudos to this guy for waiting to announce run for president until the state business was completed for the year.

Pentatonix – Evolution of Michael Jackson #MusicMonday

Acapella group Pentatonix is honoring the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in a cool, new mashup video titled 'Evolution of Michael Jackson'. Enjoy!


Internet Privacy Comes Under Fire

Alarms are sounding about a proposal that could limit the ability (privacy) of some website owners to disguise themselves.