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“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” –Samuel Adams

Fact Checking ‘What Climate Change Means Locally’

Ms. Glenda Booth, an activist with the National Audobon Society, penned a letter to the editor in the Alexandria Times that contained some serious factual errors. Ms. Booth wrote: The visual images of climate change are often forlorn polar bears perched desperately on a small patch of shrinking ice or mammoth glacial chunks of Greenland crashing into the ocean. As many folks are aware, ‘ClimateGate‘ has shown just how bad scientists have been lying to us these last twenty years

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More Snow = Global Warming – Oh Really?? (Video)

Folks like Contessa Brewer and her cohort Dylan (“Ratfink” as Mark Levin calls him) Ratigan and the many ‘warmers’ (the global warming zealots) out there would have you believe that the extreme snow we folks in the mid-Atlantic are experiencing is because of global warming. Um, no. That would be a false statement. Just like when the liberal ‘warmers’ like Senator Byrd, Senator Boxer, et al tried to tell us several years ago that when it WASN’T snowing, that was

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Global Warming Parody: Frozen Wasteland (Video)

From the group Minnesotans For Global Warming comes a terrific parody of the Who’s ‘Teenage Wasteland’ called ‘Frozen Wasteland.’ M4GW got the inspiration for the song when the Who performed their classic hit during halftime of the recent Super Bowl. The song is in honor of the horrible winter that we are experiencing. This is a great satire of the global warming hysteria and a decent remake of this song. Enjoy.

Contessa Brewer: Snow = Global Warming (Video)

Contessa Brewer, on MSNBC yesterday, attempted to show she knows more about global warming climate change than most people. She tries vainly to refute Senator Jim DeMint’s  hilarious Twitter status in which he said the snow would continue until ‘Al Gore cries uncle.’  She essentially ignores the weatherman in the video. Kudos to the weatherman who is on screen with her who attempts to show both sides of the AGW argument but ends up knocking it right down the middle.

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Pamela Geller Blasts Ron Reagan Jr On Joy Behar (Video)

Nationally syndicated columnist and founder and editor of Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller appeared on Joy Behar’s show Monday and boy did the fireworks fly. As expected, the Behar take on Palin is, as usual, disrespectful and full of hate. Pamela takes on the manly-looking host as well as Ron Reagan, Jr. on the topic of Palin and her ‘prompt’ notes. As the Examiner notes: It is interesting that Leftwing Hollywood types such as Behar will quickly harp on Palin’s ‘prompt-words’ written

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Why Monopolies Are Bad & School Choice Is Better (Video)

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity at the Cato Institute has released another Economics 101 video. This time, Isabel Santa from Cato discusses the problems of monopolies, especially Government monopolies, when it applies to our children’s schools. How then can states better our schools? Competition. Competition, through school choice, promotes innovation and results in higher quality and lower costs. Government-run schools are a tragic example, by contrast, of why monopolies generate bad results. This video uses the example of school

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