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Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan! (Video)

Sarah Palin weighs in with a Facebook post on the 40th President’s 101st birthday today. She references this great video from American’s For Prosperity which contrasts two visions for America and asks the question everyone is wondering this election season: This November, will we have morning in America once again, or will we be mourning for America? One vision is of limited Government led by President Reagan, where America is seen as a land of opportunity by cutting back on onerous

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Smartphones Out Sell PCs For First Time In 2011

Forbes reports: 2011 marked the beginning of a major shift toward mobile computing. Smartphone shipments topped PCs for the first time ever last year, by 73 million units, according to figures published by research firm Canalys on Friday. Last year a total of 487.7 million smartphones were shipped. Only 414.6 million PCs, which include tablet PCs, shipped. That’s a 62.7 percent increase on shipments of smartphones over 2010. It’s yet another important step on the road from isolated, search-oriented computing to

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