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Eva Amuri & Zach Gilford Rock The Lies About Health Care (Video)

The falsehoods told by Ms. Amuri, Susan Sarandon’s daughter, and Zach Gilford of Friday Night Light’s in this piece are too numerous to mention. But, this disgusting ad for Rock The Vote which is being targeted at the young people like my daughter, is another example of how those on the left are spreading their hate for America.

My Congressman Is a Moron But Alan Grayson IS Nuts

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL 8th), is hopping mad because a Republican woman, who may or may not live outside of the idiot Congressman’s district, has created The Orlando Sentinel reports: Not everyone thinks imitation is the best form of flattery. In fact, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando took such offense at a parody website aimed at unseating him that the freshman Democrat has asked that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder investigate the Lake County activist who started the

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Vegas: ChinChili Day Part 1 – Funniest Commercial of 2009 #1 (Video)

This commercial was voted the second funniest commercial in TBS’ recent poll of the funniest commercials of the year. As I said before, I judge these on how much they make me laugh and each time I see this commercial, it just makes me laugh out loud. Kudos to the E-trade baby and a fairly humorous commercial but, this one takes the prize this year. The commercial is part of Las Vegas’ series of commercials titled ‘What’s your excuse?’

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Bud Light Drinkability: Funniest Commercial Of 2009 #2 (Video)

After many hours of viewing various commercials on YouTube, there are many that could be ranked in the second spot but none that made me laugh like this one. This is part of the Bud Light: Drinkability campaign that started on or around Super Bowl 43. Here, two guys compare Bud Light's drinkability to skiing with hilarious results.

Ray Stevens: We The People (Video)

With the news that ObamaCare is imminent now that Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb) has been bought off by Senator Harry ‘the Body’ Reid,’ Ray Stevens is out with a new catchy tune titled ‘We The People.’ The singer of ‘Misty’ and ‘The Streak’ wants to tell our politicians in Washington that if they vote for ObamaCare, they WILL be voted out. My favorite line is: ‘If you had the common sense God gave a billy goat, you’d no doubt notice

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Fourth Trimester Abortions – Protected in Virginia?

This is just plain sick. It is unconscionable that the Commonwealth of Virginia could allow this to happen. A woman in Campbell County, Virginia smothered her newborn infant, and police are powerless to do anything about it: The caller said a woman in her early 20s was in labor. When deputies arrived, they discovered the baby had actually been born around 1:00a.m., about ten hours earlier. Investigators say the baby was already dead when deputies got there. Investigators tell WSLS

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Target: Confession – Funniest Commercial #3

In grading my favorite top 5 funny commercials of the year, I like to grade them on how much they make me laugh or giggle. This Christmas season, this one makes me laugh every time I see it. Here in this commercial from Target stores, a little girl confesses to her parents after she thinks they spent too much money on her: Enjoy. #4 Funniest Commercial of 2009 #5 Funniest Commercial of 2009