Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty on Child Porn Charges

Subway has severed all ties with spokesman Jared Fogle based on recent child pornography allegations.

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Newsbusted 08/18/2015 (Video)

In this episode of Newsbusted, Jodie Miller zings satire on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Al Gore, President Obama, and more.

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Want Sustained Happiness? New Study Says Get Religion


New study says nothing beats the power of faith.

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5 New Features in Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 recently on my Microsoft Surface and LOVE it. Here’s 5 new features you need to know about in Windows 10.

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Philadelphia Goes Gaga for Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has been working on his delivery and seems to be in a great spot in an offense designed perfectly for him. He’s a warrior and a winner.

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Bernie Sanders is a Communist and an Ignoramous

Great read from Matthew Vadum at Front Page Magazine on how Senator Bernie Sanders is neither Democratic nor Socialist. Click the link in the title.

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Check Out This Time Lapse Video of a Tuscon, Arizona Thunderstorm

The video is of a microburst and shows just how quickly a thunderstorm can develop.

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