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Rolling Stone Failed It’s Readers and Rape Victims Everywhere

I don’t read much on Slate.com but, this piece (click the link above in the title) by Hanna Rosin is spot on about the recent allegations surrounding the Rolling Stone story on a sexual assault that allegedly occurred on the campus of the University of Virginia. All because the author failed to follow good journalistic practices.

A Feel Good Story From Ferguson

As I have shown you, the media, especially CNN, has been instrumental in stirring up tensions in Ferguson, MO. The media only focuses on the negative to stir the pot (for ratings?). For example, have many in the media covered NFL player Ben Watson’s wise comments about the racial unrest in Ferguson? If you have not read it, it is a MUST read.

But, there’s a better an even better story than that.

During the Ferguson unrest, rather than looting, some citizens took to protecting a business.

Since looting first erupted following the August police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, nearly all the businesses in a two-square-mile area of this St. Louis suburb have had to board up. All except one — a Conoco gas station and convenience store. …On Tuesday night, as police and soldiers took up positions in the parking lots of virtually every strip mall and big box store around it, the forecourt of the brightly lit gas station was busy with customers. One, a 6-foot-8-inches man named Derrick Jordan — “Stretch,” as friends call him — whisked an AR-15 assault rifle out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance. Jordan, 37, was one of four black Ferguson residents who spent Tuesday night planted in front of the store, pistols tucked into their waistbands, waiting to ward off looters or catch shoplifters. Jordan and the others guarding the gas station are all black.

The station’s owner is white. …“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,” said gas station owner Doug Merello, whose father first bought it in 1984.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. The story is about black residents protecting a white owners business.

At times, Jordan and his friends were joined on Tuesday night by other men from the neighborhood, also armed. None of the men was getting paid to be there. They said they felt they owed it to Merello, who has employed many of them over the years and treats them with respect. “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot,” said a 29-year-old who identified himself as R.J. He said he, like the other volunteers, had lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life. He carried a Taurus 9mm pistol in his sweatpants and drew it out to show another customer, an older man at a pump who was brandishing a MAC-10 machine pistol. Missouri allows the open carrying of firearms.

Something tells me, somewhere MLK is smiling about this story. Maybe, as Ben Watson said, there’s reason to be hopeful?


Robert Griffin Benching in Washington Leads to Song Parody

Via CBS Sports, the failure of the Washington Redskins as a franchise has come to this. A song parody about Robert Griffin’s career in Washington. I will say, Shannon Sharpe was spot on with these comments about RGIII though.

(H/T Joe)

Senator Tim Scott Makes History – Media Fails to Notice

This story goes to show how badly the media has their priorities screwed up. Senator Scott is such a positive role model for so many and is ignored by the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the lame stream media.


Tim Scott made history in Washington as he was sworn in as the first black U.S. senator elected from the South since Reconstruction after the Civil War.

The Republican lawmaker was sworn in on Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol.

Scott has served in the U.S. Senate since January 2013. He was appointed to the post by Gov. Nikki Haley after Jim DeMint resigned.

Last month, Scott was elected to the remaining two years of DeMint’s term. In doing so, he also became the first black to win a statewide race in South Carolina since the Reconstruction era. Scott faces re-election to a full term in 2016.

Brian Williams Slow-Jams the News on Immigration (Video)

Via Newsbusters, this was fantastic. Love how Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the bias in the news media coverage on immigration.

Chris Cooley Checks In Guests at a Courtyard By Marriott (Video)

In this edition of Courtyard Camera, former Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley goes behind the scenes to check in guests at a local Maryland Courtyard by Marriott. Pretty funny video.

The Facebook Post You Should Stop Sharing NOW

The recent legal notice from Facebook is a hoax? Who knew? Click the link in the title above.

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