Wonder Woman as a Dominatrix?

I would have stayed as true to the original Wonder Woman as possible. Via the Hollywood Reporter, having her outfit in leather just doesn't seem right.

R.I.P. James Garner (Video)

One of my favorite actors of all-time passed away today at 86. We'll miss you James Garner.

Some of Sam Hernly’s Many Faces

These just make me laugh when he makes faces. Enjoy.

Could You Turn Off Facebook for 99 Days? (Video)

Via Newsy, a new study challenges people to turn off Facebook for 99 days to see how it effects their happiness.

See Andrew Wiggins’ 360 Spin and Thunderous Dunk (Video)

Via PBT, holy cow! I don't know many players that could pull off a move like that. Something tells me Andrew Wiggins made LeBron James' decision quite easy.

Bill Maher Goes Off on Liberals and Their Hypocrisy (Video)

In an extraordinary moment of sobriety, comedian Bill Maher confessed that his liberal co-religionists are sometimes “useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty.”