Check Out This Saved By The Bell Reunion with Jimmy Fallon

While Jimy Fallon has the Tonight Show in L.A., Jimmy reminisces about his time at Bayside High with the gang from "Saved By The Bell."


Capitals vs. Ducks Game Thread #CapsDucks

The Washington Capitals take on the Anaheim Ducks LIVE from Verizon Center tonight @ 7:00 PM. Previews, game thread link, and more!


Brian Williams Exaggerations

As the video shows, exaggerating his achievements in Iraq may not be the first time NBC anchor Brian Williams has stretched the truth.

This Fiat Super Bowl 49 Commercial ‘The Blue Pill’ is Brilliant

Well done Fiat, well done! Great job showcasing the bigger, better Fiat by showing everyone who comes into contact with the FIAT 500X gets a little excited.

College Sexual Assault Myths Busted

Professor Christina Sommers from AEI tackles two common myths from the Liberal left on college sexual assault and shows the USA is not a rape culture.

Another Super Bowl XLIX Commercial You’ll Be Talking About Monday

This Snickers commercial for Super Bowl 49 will have people talking tomorrow after the game.