Remembering Andrew Breitbart 3 Years Later #War

We miss you terribly Andrew and continue the fight in your absence.

Can DNC Members Name One Mistake President Obama Has Made in Office?

I'm surprised none of the DNC members had the guts to at least mention the myriad of lies president Obama told surrounding the implementation of ObamaCare.

Global warming

Top Climate Scientists Say Good Chance 5 More Years of No Climate Change

If it happens, that will make it 20 years with no change in the climate.

Sesame Street’s House of Cards Parody ‘House of Bricks’

Inspired by the Three Little Pigs, this spoof by Sesame Street of the hit Netflix show 'House of Cards' is glorious. Enjoy!

Coming Soon: The Department of the Internet

Great video via Protect Internet Freedom. Help save the internet today! The FCC vote on regulations the FCC won't let you or I see happens TOMORROW, Feb 26.

Mark Halperin Tells the Truth About the Mainstream Media

Mark Halperin admits Democrats don't get the same scrutiny from the mainstream media. This is because the media is an appendage of the Democratic party.