NewsBusted (Video)

NewsBusted is a fake news show kind of like the Weekend Update segment on “Saturday Night Live” or the “The Daily Show“. As usual, Jodie Miller zings political one-liners like no one else. Visit ‪‬ for more information.

Finding Nemo From Space

Via Andrew Malcolm @ IBD, An amazing shot from NASA of Nemo, New England’s blizzard of 2013 from a satellite in outer space. An epic storm to say the least. Praying for the folks up north to be safe. Click on the image for a full size look.

Happy 102nd Birthday President Ronald Reagan!

One of my favorite Reagan quotes is: “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Related articles 102nd Year of Ronald Reagan’s Birth ( Where the Reagan Way began (video) ( 10 interesting facts on President Ronald Reagan’s birthday ( Happy Reagan Day ( Ronald Reagan Birthday: 9 Facts About The 40th President […]