Best Super Bowl 47 Commercial By Far – ‘So God Made A Farmer’ (Video)

A really well done ad by Dodge. Related articles Oklahoma Farm Report – God Made a Farmer Video a Big Winner During Super Bowl 47- Take a Look ( Super Bowl ‘Farmer’ Commercial Explained: Where Ram’s ‘God Made A Farmer’ Ad Came From ( Dodge Ram Copied Its ‘Farmers’ Super Bowl Spot From This Farming(…)

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President Carter, President Obama (Video)

Via Fox Nation, a terrific video ad from the Republican National Committee using President Carter’s words from various speeches of his contrasted against President Obama and the current situation the country finds itself in.

Thanks to great fundraising, the RNC is able to produce awesome videos like this one. If you can, consider donating to the RNC to keep the videos coming and to help kick President Obama & Vice President Biden out of office.

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New Mitt Romney Ad: ‘A Better Future’ (Video)

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse, a great new ad from Team Romney. The title comes from the belief that on November 6, 2012 (election day) a better future begins for America with the election of Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. The ad blends together some of the great moments from the recent Republican National Convention.

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