NewsBusted 12/17/2013 (Video)

NewsBusted is a fake news show kind of like the Weekend Update segment on “Saturday Night Live” or the “The Daily Show“. As usual, Jodie Miller zings political one-liners like no one else. In this episode she takes on President Obama, Congress, Obamacare, Drones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Record Low Temperatures, Al Gore, George W. Bush [...]

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Al Gore: Superstorm Sandy Caused By Global Warming

In the movie 'An Inconvenient Truth,' Al Gore claimed scientists had been giving warnings that hurricanes will get stronger because of 'global warming.' This has been proven false as there has been no change in the strength of hurricanes over the past 60+ years, even though hydrocarbon use went up six-fold in the same period. Now he says Superstrom Sandy was caused by global warming even though has has no evidence whatsoever to back that claim up as many scientists point out. In other words, Al Gore lies again.

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Al Gore Lies About Patrick Murray (Video)

Al Gore, former Vice President, and noted global warming activist, took to the microphone at last weekend's Jim Moran fundraiser and spoke about Patrick Murray and what Mr. Murray stands for as far as environmental issues. Mr. Gore said Patrick Murray was for "more fossil fuels...more drilling...more carbon pollution." This is a lie. But, we [...]

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