Detroit and the Bankruptcy of Liberalism

Liberalism redistributes misery and the Detroit bankruptcy is a prime example of that. Rich Tucker lays out the case at the Foundry blog on the Heritage website. Click this link to read how Detroit is the bankruptcy of Liberalism. Thank you.

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Pure Detroit – Parody (Video)

Hot on the heels of the news that Detroit, Michigan has filed for Bankruptcy here's an awesome parody from the terrific Steven Crowder which is a funny parody of Detroit's tourism campaign to show just how far Detroit has fallen under Democratic party rule.

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AMF Bowling Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Let’s hope they come out of Chapter 11 much stronger than last time.

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Borders Books To Liquidate (Video)

I'm kind of sad to see them go. USA Today reports: The book retailer will wind down its remaining 399 stores starting July 22 after it couldn't reach an agreement with an earlier bidder, Najafi Cos., about an offer to keep the company running. Borders won't hold an auction, as there have been no proposals [...]

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