The Obama Tango (Video)

Via WFB, this is their best 'Supercuts' yet. While Brussels, Belgium was attacked, President Obama watched baseball with Raul Castro in Cuba and did the tango in Argentina.

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Obama: Government should have access to all your mobile devices

Um sorry but, no. In other words, president Obama believes in zero property rights. Speaking at the South by Southwest festival in Texas, the comments on mobile devices stemmed from a question on the recent Apple case. Read more about what he had to say at the link above.

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Seinfeld and Obama Drive a Stingray and Get Some Coffee

President Obama joined Jerry Seinfeld for the seventh season premiere of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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The Audacity of Myth: How the Media Ignored Obama’s Lies About His Own Biography and Memoir

The media ignored that FACT president Obama LIED in his biography and memoir. This is apropos given how the media is lying about Dr. Ben Carson.

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Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Terrorists are Winning Against the U.S. in War on Terror

This really isn't surprising at all given the little amount of effort this administration has put toward the war on terror which has allowed ISIS to continue to grow.

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Newsbusted 08/18/2015 (Video)

In this episode of Newsbusted, Jodie Miller zings satire on Hillary Clinton's email scandal, Al Gore, President Obama, and more.

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Newsbusted 08/09/2015 (Video)

In this episode of the satire show Newsbusted, Jodie Miller takes on the recent Obama vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Hillary Clinton, and more!

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