Utah Jazz Sign Five-Year-Old With Leukemia to One-Day Contract

The feel-good story of the day from the Utah Jazz. LOVE how the story says 'terms were not disclosed'. Check out the photos from the scrimmage at this link.

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Celtics Fan Seizes the Moment and Dances Better Than the Cheerleaders (Video)

An oldie but goodie but, legendary nonetheless. Well done Jeremy!

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Michael Jordan Can Still ‘Fly’ at 50 (Video)

This past weekend, at his annual Flight School camp at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Michael Jordan proved he's still got game.

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R.I.P Jerry Buss, Lakers Owner (Video)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Buss family on the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss. Even though I hate the Lakers with a passion, no team in sports had a better owner than Dr. Buss. See a terrific piece from ESPN on the passing of Dr. Buss in the video above. Related articles [...]

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Great Read: Wilt Vs. Elgin When Their World Was The Playground

Via Ted's Take, an excellent post about two of basketball's biggest names and the pickup games they played in Washington, DC. It's a great story to read. Click the link in the title to read it.

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Move Over Armand Skele – MD Teen Shoots Impossible Shot Too (Video)

Tis the week for impossible basketball shots eh? Move over Armand Skele, you have company… A Frederick teen has become an Internet and ESPN sensation after hitting a half-court basketball shot while doing a front flip.

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Armands Skele’s Impossible Basketball Shot (Video)

Via Sports Grid, a once in a lifetime basketball shot (although growing up I saw Dr. J make quite a few impossible shots).

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