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Redskins vs. Bengals – Final Thoughts

The Redskins need to look more fluid on offense. They get a couple of nice runs then they tend to abandon it. They did run some nice option plays in the 3rd quarter which helped get the offense going in the second half. This loss falls on the defensive side of the ball once again. Bengals QB Andy Dalton took a lot of quick three step drops to get the ball out quick and our corners D'Angelo Hall & Josh Wilson had a lot of trouble covering the Bengals outside receivers today. The Bengals receivers were covering short, medium, and long passes. The defense once again failed to step up today and the offense needs to game plan better. It's time for the Redskins D to 'man up.'

NFL referees like Ron Winter take a lot of heat from fans, coaches, and players, but, I don’t think many of them get trampled during a game. What happens when the play starts coming directly toward the referee? Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt on the play. (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)