DNC Chair Called Out Over Lack of Diversity on 2016 Ticket #DemDebate

Fusion's Jorge Ramos asks DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the lack of diversity on stage at last night's debate.

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CNN Goes Full on Donald Trump #Trumpgasm

I wonder if (CNN (a.k.a the Clinton News Network) has said Hillary Clinton's name 239 times in 1 day like they did with Donald Trump last week? Doubtful.

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Carol Costello – ‘Right Wing Citizen Extremists’ More Dangerous Than ISIS

Carol Costello says right wing extremists are more dangerous than ISIS. Bet she can't name one.

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CNN – Caught Lying About the Protests in Ferguson?

CNN is a network that goes to great lengths to push a narrative. Have they turned to outright lying?

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CNN’s Carol Costello Let’s Her Bias Show Through (Video)

Aren't journalists like Carol Costello supposed to be objective? Not when its about Republican women being attacked...

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CNN – The Pro-Hamas Media Network (Video)

Via WFB, it's not like Hamas is a terrorist organization or anything. Oh wait...

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CNN’s Kate Bolduan is Really Devoted to President Obama (Video)

In an interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry on the current border crisis, CNN's Kate Bolduan clearly let her bias for President Obama show through.

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