Poll: Less Than One in Five Say The ‘Affordable Care Act’ Will Help Them

In my case, if my family lost our health insurance, we’d be paying 200%+ more for health insurance than we are paying now. This is for less insurance than we’re receiving now. How is that helpful? Looks like the CNN poll shows that a lot of people feel the same way over the new health care law.

Jon Stewart Skewers CNN Over Navy Yard Shooting Coverage (Video)

Jon Stewart

Journalists should be objective and report facts, not conjecture and speculation. Sadly, this is often lost at CNN. CNN boss Jeff Zucker said in July he wants more objectivity at the network. This has yet to come to pass. Last night via Mediaite, in a bit appropriately titled 'Wrongnado', Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team did a marvelous take down of CNN over its coverage of the Navy Yard shootings. See an earlier skewering of CNN at this link.

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CNN’s Carol Costello Can’t Remember Fort Hood Shooting (Video)

At the top of the 10:00 o'clock hour during the initial couple of hours of coverage of the Washington Navy Yard shootings, CNN's Carol Costello said she could not remember the last time there was a shooting at a U.S. military facility. Thankfully, the reporter she was speaking to, Brian Todd, helped her with her memory when it comes to Fort Hood.