Virginia Tech Hires Justin Fuente from Memphis

This is a brilliant hire by Virginia Tech. Justin Fuente is a great football Coach. A little disappointed Bud Foster didn't get the nod but, understandable nonetheless. (Read more...)

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Heisman Winner Marcus Mariota – Going All in For God

It will be interesting to see how Marcus Mariota's career goes. He is a first-read QB coming out of college. In the NFL, you have to be able to get to your 2nd and 3rd reads real quick. Here's hoping he has more success than his predecessor's Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III. Good to know though that he has his priorities straight.

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Tim Tebow Nearly Nails BCS National Championship Prediction (Video)

Not a bad debut for ESPN's newest College Football contributor now eh? His prediction was off by one (1) point.

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ESPN’s SEC Network Hires Tim Tebow

IMHO, this is a stroke of genius. Click this link to read the news.

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The NCAA Penalizes a U.S. Marine Veteran

When an organization gets too big for its britches, it comes up with some really stupid rules. I can understand if the U.S. Marine attended a local college and played ball but, recreational football?? IMHO, some of the bigger schools should start their own Association. Via Breitbart Steven Rhodes, a U.S. Marine veteran and 24-year-old [...]

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Congrats To Notre Dame On Being The #1 Team

Being number one has put a bulls eye on a lot of teams recently so, here’s hoping the Irish can stay on top.

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Duke University Is Bowl Eligible For First Time Since 1994

Congrats to Coach Cutliffe and the Blue Devils football team! For the first time since 1994, Duke is bowl eligible thanks to a 33-30 win over North Carolina.— (@CBSSports) October 21, 2012 See this link for a story on the Blue Devils football team's nice season they're putting together.

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