Ted Cruz for President ‘Opportunity’ (Video)

Outstanding new ad 'Opportunity' from the Ted Cruz campaign for President airing now in Wisconsin.

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This Fiat Super Bowl 49 Commercial ‘The Blue Pill’ is Brilliant

Well done Fiat, well done! Great job showcasing the bigger, better Fiat by showing everyone who comes into contact with the FIAT 500X gets a little excited.

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Another Super Bowl XLIX Commercial You’ll Be Talking About Monday

This Snickers commercial for Super Bowl 49 will have people talking tomorrow after the game.

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Bryce Harper is One Tough Guy in New ESPN SportsCenter Ad (Video)

This commercial is the best of the bunch featuring Washington, DC teams in my opinion.  This is definitely better than the Alex Ovechkin/Semyan Varlamov SportsCenter commercial or the more recent Stephen Strasburg commercial.

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Belgian-Owned Budweiser is Rooting for the USMNT Today (Video)

Or so it seems... You see, since 2008 Budweiser has been owned by AB InBev, a Belgian company.

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Check Out Budweiser’s Ad For Super Bowl XLVIII (Video)

Wow. Great job by Budweiser here for Sunday's BIG game. If only more companies would produce positive messages like this.

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See the Old Spice ‘Mom Song’ Commercial That’s Going Viral (Video)

The commercial made my wife giggle a lot as she was watching the NFL playoffs with me yesterday.

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