Romnesia? What About The President’s Case of Obamnesia?

President Obama claims Mitt Romney has Romnesia. Conservatives wonder on twitter, does President Obama have Obamnesia? Flashback: When President Obama was against name-calling… Related articles Obama invents new condition: ‘Romnesia’ #Romnesia: Shecky Obama can’t face his own lousy record, mocks Romney instead; Conservatives hit back with #Obamnesia Obama: Romney Has ‘Romnesia’ In Virginia, Obama diagnoses Mitt with “Romnesia”

Time For a RomneyCare Mea Culpa

Great opinion piece in the Washington Times from Dr. Milton Wolf. Dr. Wolf writes: Conservative voters have a message for the Republican establishment: Not so fast. The Washington-knows-best GOP insiders who gave us John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush are now pushing Mitt Romney. Conservative voters are pushing back. Hard. Self-described conservatives outnumber liberals in America 2-1 – 42 percent to 21 percent, according to Gallup polling – so it’s no surprise that Republican candidates

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Intolerant! The Intolerant Cried

Magnificent post from the great Chris Horner at the American Spectator. Amplify’d from There’s so much that could still be said in the aftermath of the Delaware primary, but as previously indicated I believe the primary should be treated as what it is, which is over. In that spirit we’ll let even the aftermath lie. So long as it seems willing to lay there. But what does cry out for discourse is the by-now-routine, very tired rhetoric by the tantrum-throwers and wishful thinkers that “the Republican

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Just Say No To Mike Castle

Fantastic piece from the great Dan Riehl writing at Human Events. Amplify’d from Conservatives are fond of saying they are conservatives first and Republicans second. The current Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in Delaware presents a perfect opportunity to prove it.   I’d encourage conservatives to consider all the facts and the bigger picture, hopefully realizing that rejecting Rep. Michael Castle is critical to building a cohesive, Big Tent center-right majority within the Republican Party long-term. There will be

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