In a recent survey, 40% of Americans couldn't name any of the five rights guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Survey: 40% of Americans Cannot Name First Amendment Rights

This is exactly how the Liberals in the United States want it as Socialism becomes more mainstream in the Democratic Party. In a recent survey, 40% of Americans couldn’t name any of the five rights guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Video)

This Fourth of July, when you watch the fireworks, will you think about the Declaration of Independence? We should, says John Stossel. After all, the holiday is meant to honor the Declaration. It, and the Constitution it led to helps promote individual liberty and helps keep us free.

Senator Tom Coburn Schools Morning Joe On Constitutional History (Video)

Well done Senator Coburn.

The Washington Free Beacon has the transcript

JONATHAN CAPEHART: Sen. Coburn, it’s Jonathan Capehart. I want to bring you back to something you said when you first came on; you were talking about people in the Tea Party who are fed up with Washington and for the abandonment of the Constitution. Could you please tell me how and when did we abandon the Constitution?

TOM COBURN: Yeah, I can. Go read article 1, section 8. It gives the enumerated powers and what you’re seeing happen – and this has been a progressive thing, the courts have abandoned the Constitution, not holding Congress within article 1, section 8 of the Constitution. This has been something that has been progressive. The American people get it. Our founders got it. The one part of the balance of power that doesn’t get talk about and what you’re seeing expressed through the Tea Party is the real balance of power that the founders wanted was for we the people to hold the government accountable. That’s what’s going to start happening in this country. We’re $16 trillion in debt. We have totally cut the legs out from underneath our kids and grandkids and now we’re saying there’s something wrong with the people that want to get back to the thing that built this country rather than thing that tore it down.

CAPEHART: I tell you, Senator, article 1, section 8, I should know this but I don’t–

COBURN: It’s the enumerated powers with be what the founders gave us as the authority under which we can work. The constitution is loaded with nos. It’s not loaded with yesses. It tells us what we can’t do, and here’s what it tells us where we can. We’ve so abandoned and expanded the federal government outside the range, outside the range of what our founders ever thought the federal government would have a hand in. You can’t go anywhere that the federal government doesn’t have involvement and wrongly so, because quite frankly, even though we’re well intentioned, we’re not very good at doing these things.

Joy Behar Hates All This Constitution Loving (Video)

Liberals heads are exploding over the fact that House Speaker John Boehner wants to have the Constitution read aloud tomorrow and also that the GOP wants to have a rule that all bills brought up before the House of Representatives must reference where the Constitution authorizes the legislation.

Via Breitbart and the great Ken Shepard at Newsbusters, Joy Behar had Bill Press on her show as well as another liberal the other night. In the clip, she decries ‘isn’t all this Constitution loving getting out of hand?’

Bill Press laments that ‘there is some good stuff in there about the right of privacy that they have never heard before.’ I guess Mr. Press has not heard about neither the unreasonable TSA searches now going on at all airports across the country or the random bag checks on Metro (both instituted under a Democratic/liberal administration). I’m guessing that Bill Press doesn’t know that the Constitution is in fact the ‘Supreme law of the land.’

MEMO TO BILL PRESS: Maybe you should re-read Article 6 of the Constitution. Also, there is no mention whatsoever of a ‘right of privacy’ in the Constitution either. This right has been granted to the public by the liberal court system. However, the courts have recently declared that you really should have no expectation to a right of privacy at all. The courts have said recently that Government can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, install a GPS locator on the bottom of your car, and track your every movement.

Where’s the right of privacy there Bill?

The fact is, liberals like Joy Behar and Bill Press despise the Constitution. They see it as some old document that no one can decipher. Liberals want the Government to have unlimited power which is not what the founding fathers intended at all.

Exit question: As Speaker Boehner so eloquently said today:

“The American people have humbled us. They have refreshed our memories as to just how temporary the privilege to serve is. This is their Congress. It’s about them, not us.”

Isn’t it about time that they started working for us and not the other way around?

Sen. Mark Warner: Congress Mandating Purchase of Health Insurance Like Medicaid and Driver’s License (Video)

Nicholas Ballasy of has been doing a fantastic job recently of quizzing our nations leaders on just where in the Consitution does it allow for the U.S. Government to require as federal law a mandate that individuals MUST have health insurance.

You won’t find ANYONE in the Main (some would say Lame) Stream Media doing this.

Nicholas has quizzed folks like Senator Burris, Senator Akaka, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Nelson, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, and more. Now, he has turned his attention to our carpet-bagger U.S. Senator Mark Warner from Virginia.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) tells Terry that Congress’ constitutional authority to require individuals to buy health insurance is like Medicaid, Medicare and states requiring driver’s licenses.

Medicare and Medicaid were created in the mid-60’s after the liberals gained a super-majority in Congress after JFK’s shooting. Just like a majority of folks don’t want the current legislation that is before Congress, folks didn’t want Medicare or Medicaid. Programs like Medicaid, that Congress has forced upon the states, are not only un-Constitutional, they are breaking the states financially.

Drivers Licenses are NOT mandated by the Constitution. They are individual mandates by the states.

Shouldn’t an elected official like Senator Warner, who swore an oath to the Constitution and whose only job is to craft laws that comply with the Constitution, have a pretty good clue where the constitutional authority for a particular bill comes from? People who serve in our government have no higher duty than to ensure that everything they do conforms to the U.S. Constitution since there is no higher law in our land.

Congressmen and women are not allowed to just make stuff up as we go. Congress is NOT allowed to just do whatever notion strikes them or whatever whim catches their attention, not if we claim to still give a darn about our own Constitution, not if we want to remain a free people.

The founders set up a limited government because they knew first hand the dangers and threats to liberty presented by a government with too much power.

What could be more dangerous to freedom, what could be more at odds with our limited Constitutional government, than a system that asserts the right to make health care–life and death–decisions about the very personhood of each and every American?