#TBT Today is The 32nd Anniversary of ‘The Catch’ (Video) #ThrowbackThursday

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The Dallas Cowboys Continue This Tradition in 2013 (Image)

Okay, my Washington Redskins team is awful and has been awful since the Gibbs I era. But, via NFL Memes, this is funny nonetheless.

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Cowboys Jon Kitna Gives Back to the School Where He Teaches (Video)

Via NYDN, Jon Kitna is returning to the sidelines for Sunday's Cowboys - Eagles winner take all game. It is also giving the 41 year-old a chance to give back to the school where he teaches currently.

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Cowboys Cameron Lawrence Celebrates Knocking Out Redskins David Amerson (Video)

Cameron Lawrence of the Dallas Cowboys not only blindsides David Amerson on Harris' return for a touchdown during last night's Redskins vs. Cowboys game but, does so helmet to helmet. This should have been called by Walt Anderson's crew and nullified the touchdown. Here's hoping the NFL takes action on this.

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RGIII Mic’d Up Versus The Cowboys

Check out the leadership of Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III in a terrific video over at the Redskins Blog. Check it out at this link.

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Tom Landry’s American Express Commercial With Washington Redskins (Video)

IMHO, this is one of the great commercials of all-time and from what I can figure the only commercial Tom Landry did. Go Redskins!!

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Redskins Vs. Cowboys – Keys To The Game

This is a must win for both teams. The Redskins lose and their out. When the Redskins have the ball... The Redskins must win first downs. 2nd and short beats 2nd and long any day of the week. The Redskins must cut down on penalties. 13 penalties, the total from last week, is just players [...]

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