Convert or Die: Living in the Age of Trump

Great read on the passion of Donald J. Trump supporters from Erick Erickson at The Resurgent. Click the link above to read it. Well worth a few minutes.

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Chris Christie Looks Troubled Behind Donald Trump #SuperTuesday

IMHO, Governor Chris Christie's facial expressions won the night on Super Tuesday. From his facial expressions last night during Donald Trump's 'victory' speech in Florida, it looks like he might be rethinking this whole endorsement thing.

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Yes, Trump University was a Massive Scam

Was Trump University a classic 'bait-and-switch' scheme? Ian Tuttle at National Review looks at the facts and reviews why Donald Trump is being sued and is likely to lose. Click the link above to read it.

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Stephen Colbert’s Trump vs Trump Debate is Pretty Awesome

Since Donald Trump dropped out of Fox News' final GOP debate, Stephen Colbert decided to hold the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time on The Late Show.

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How much do we really know about Donald Trump?

Via The Resurgent, a very effective video from Our Principles PAC, which uses Donald Trump in his own words. The video is being cut into commercials.

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So Dr. Martin Luther King Endorsed Donald Trump You Say?

For Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the show asked folks what they thought about Dr. King endorsing Donald Trump for President.

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New Star Wars Parody ‘Darth Trump’ is Fantastic

This new Star Wars parody 'Darth Trump' from The Auralnauts is fantastic and is one of the best things you'll ever watch on Youtube.

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