The Facebook Post You Should Stop Sharing NOW

The recent legal notice from Facebook is a hoax? Who knew? Find out why you should stop sharing it NOW.

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Could You Turn Off Facebook for 99 Days? (Video)

Via Newsy, a new study challenges people to turn off Facebook for 99 days to see how it effects their happiness.

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Can Facebook Read Your Phone’s SMS Text Messages?

Excellent post from Fast Company. Click the link above in the title.

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Facebook’s News Feed Is Going Old School (Video)

Via Newsy, just when I was getting used to the current news feed, the 'new' news feed is being called a 'personalized newspaper,' but will users make it past the front page?

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Senate Bill To Allow Government To Read Your Emails & Files Without Warrant

Privacy? What privacy? This bill is written by a Democrat. While there is no specific right to privacy in the U.S. Constitution, this bill, in my view, at the very least violates the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Aren’t Democrats supposed to be for civil liberties? Maybe Judge Napolitano was right after all… What the Government is really after is quashing dissent and the first amendment right to free speech. Contact your Senator today and tell them that the assault on privacy must stop. […]

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Facebook Got Instagram, Google Snaps Up Snapseed (Video)

Via Newsy, Google recently purchased Nik Software, Snapseed's German developer. Is it ready to compete with Instagram?

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Will iOS 6 Get Facebook Integration? (Video)

Newsy goes over the recent rumors, and comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook to All Things Digital, indicate the iOS 6 will have Facebook integration.

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