November 18, 1963 – JFK Visits Florida (Video) #JFK50

In the lead up to the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, JFK visits Florida, going to Tampa, Miami, and Miami Beach. I was born six days after Kennedy's assassination. You can get Professor Sabato's book at this link (which is on my Kindle): The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. [...]

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Fact Check: “Stand Your Ground” Laws Don’t Increase Murder, Manslaughter Rate

Via Hot Air, McClatchy takes a rather fair and balanced look at 'Stand Your Ground' laws. Click this link to read the post.

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Some Surprising Statistics About Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

Some great work by the Tampa Bay Times who have developed some surprising statistics about 'Stand Your Ground' laws. Click this link to read the data.

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CNN Commentator Embarrassed By George Zimmerman Verdict

Cliff Kincaid at AIM points out why one of the people to blame for the not guilty verdict is CNN's Sunny Hostin. Click this link to read why at

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The Media Lynching of George Zimmerman

An excellent piece that is well worth a read from the Washington Times Jeff Kuhner. The media deserves much of the blame for the reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict.

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George Zimmerman Punches Back At NBC News

Good for him for standing up for his rights. This case should be a no brainer for any judge given the depth NBC went to to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Via CNN George Zimmerman, charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Florida boy, sued NBC Universal on Thursday for using "the oldest [...]

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Mia Love’s Awesome RNC Speech (Video)

I have posted before about Mia Love, the Mayor from Utah, who is looking to become the first African-American Republican woman in the House of Representatives. Get to know Mia Love at this link. If you can, consider donating to her campaign at this link.

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