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Mark Levin: Megyn Kelly and Fox News Owe America an Apology

Mark Levin says the GOP debate wasn’t fair and he is 150% right. If you’re going to go after the candidates hard, do the same for all candidates.

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Willie & Korie Robertson Discuss A & E Controversy on FNC New Year’s Eve (Video)

Willie Robertson and his wife Korie chatted with hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill Hemmer during Fox News Channels ‘All-American New Year’ special last night. The couple did an excellent job addressing, for the first time publicly, the controversy surrounding the family patriarch Phil Robertson.

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Mark Levin on ‘The Liberty Amendments’ (Video)

Mark Levin joined the Sean Hannity show last night on Fox News Channel (FNC) to talk up his book – The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. I don’t normally watch Sean Hannity but, I made sure not to miss this interview in front of a live studio audience made up of some of the […]

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Sarah Palin Quits Fox News

Fox News Channel is parting ways with former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, ending her three-year tenure as a contributor on the network. [..]

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Shepard Smith Calls Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day A ‘National Day of Intolerance’ (Video)

Hmmm, maybe Mr. Smith has a secret he’d like to share as well? (H/T Fire Andrea Mitchell)

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Charles Krauthammer On Joe Biden (Video)

LOL! Charles remarks on some of the things the Vice President has said in the last week.

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Hilarious: Chevy Volt Runs Out Of Juice After 25 Miles (Video)

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Fox News personality Eric Bolling was given a Chevy Volt to test drive and it failed miserably. As Eric explains in the video below, after charging for 12 hours, the Volt runs out of juice within 25 miles from home. Considering that the car ‘only’ costs $41,000, this is […]

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