Brian Williams Blames George Bush For Al Qaeda Comeback in Iraq (Video)

The warped mind of a Liberal like Brian Williams on full display. Al Qaeda’s resurgence COULDN’T POSSIBLY be the fault of President Obama and his failed status of forces agreement with Iraq now could it? Via Newsbusters Introducing a report on Monday’s NBC Nightly News about Al-Qaeda forces seizing control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, anchor Brian Williams went out of his way to blame the President George W. Bush for the deteriorating security situation: “U.S. fighting forces are

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How George W. Bush Evolved From the Uncoolest Person on the Planet to Bona Fide Hipster Icon

Great read on the 43rd President of the United States over at Vanity Fair. Click the link in the title to read it. Related articles From Uncool to Hipster Icon ( Vanity Fair Concerned by George W. Bush’s ‘Hipster Icon’ Resurgence ( How Dick Cheney evolved from the uncoolest person on the planet to bona fide hipster icon (