What It Would Take to Prove Global Warming

What will it take to prove global warming? Things you will NEVER hear global warming alarmists say.

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Top Climate Scientists Say Good Chance 5 More Years of No Climate Change

If it happens, that will make it 20 years with no change in the climate.

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NASA: Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches A New Record Maximum

Given that the world hasn't warmed in over 18 years, NASA just had to work in a lie about global warming into the release now didn't they...

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United States Experiencing the Coldest Summer in 100 Years

By Al Gore's count, the glaciers should have melted by now (burying the United States coasts.) But, we're getting colder instead (and the ice is growing)...

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Antartica Sea Ice Coverage Reaches Record High Level

Mother Nature continues to baffle Al Gore as Antartica sea ice reaches another record level.

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NOAA Caught Falsifying Temperature Data

NOAA has been caught manipulating data to falsely show that the U.S. has been warming when in reality, that is simply not the case.

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Nearly 1,000 Record Low Temps Across USA Last Week – Where’s the Media?

Via Climate Depot, news like this doesn't fit in with the narrative that the world is still warming (it's not). Notice how there was complete media blackout on this news last week?

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