Wait Times Remain Long for Veterans at VA Medical Centers

Government data shows that the number of patients facing long waits at VA facilities has not dropped at all. So much for Obama's promise to veterans...

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Is This the Future of Medical Care Thanks to the ACA?

Writing in the WSJ, Dr. Gerard Ginanoli, says lower health care costs can be achieved by eliminating third-party medical payments.

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88-Year-Old Mississippi Doctor Under Fire for Helping Poor

Doctor Carrol Frazier Landrum, who's been helping the poor in Edwards, Miss. for decades, is suddenly under fire from the State Board of Health. Details...

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Has Anything Been Fixed at the VA Hospitals?

The Obama administration has made promises to Vets after the VA scandal and yet, 7 months later, Vets still are being betrayed.

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Massachusetts, the model for Obamacare, has highest health costs in the United States

Via Instapundit, shocked? You shouldn't be. Remember when President Obama touted 'RomneyCare' as the model for 'ObamaCare'? And yet President Obama still promised that premiums would go down thanks to ObamaCare. Click the link in the title to read more.

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MSNBC’s Morning Joe Has a Laugh Over #PajamaBoy (Video)

Even the Liberal Mika Brzezinski couldn’t contain herself. As Politico’s Jim Vandehei notes in the video, ObamaCare Is “One Of The Most Flawed Rollouts In The History Of Mankind”. Exit question: How much would she have laughed at this photoshopped version of #PajamaBoy? […]

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Tweet of The Day: Donald Trump on ObamaCare

The Donald weighs in on the first numbers from the ObamaCare enrollment.

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