Hillary Clinton ‘Becomes the Bern’ in New Mock Campaign Ad

ICYMI, this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" included a mock campaign ad from Hillary Clinton spoofing her struggle attracting millennial voters. This is brilliant and well done. Watch her become Bernie Sanders over the course of the ad.

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Hillary Clinton in One Word (Photo of the Day)

Check out the background of this photo of Hillary Clinton at a rally. Wow.

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New York Times Runs Interference for Hillary Clinton on #EmailGate

Wow. This takes media bias to a whole new level as the New York Times runs interference on the scandal over her private email server. Click the link above to read more about it.

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Bill Clinton Snaps at Veteran at Campaign Rally

After all, it's not like Hillary Clinton was negligent in her duties as Secretary of State and she lied to the families of those slain in Benghazi, Libya and lied to the world about the incident. Kudos on this veteran for attempting to hold the Clintons accountable. You can read more about the incident at The Daily Caller.

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Why Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate Matters

John Schindler, writing in the New York Observer, explains why Hillary Clinton's EmailGate is a HUGE issue. It's a great read. Click the link above to read it.

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Marco Rubio Reflects on CNBC GOP Debate

Marco Rubio remained positive on CBS This Morning about the recent GOP debate and Hillary Clinton's lies about the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya.

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Saturday Night Live Spoofs Democratic Party Debate

This cold-open from last week's Saturday Night Live all day. They spoof the recent Democratic Party debate. I'm not a Bernie Sanders fan but, Larry David was PERFECT in this role.

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