Occupiers Kicked Out Of Iowa Coffee Shop (Video)

Coffee shop owner in Iowa tosses #OccupyIowa out of her shop during a campaign event. About 2:00 in to the video, the owner, Amy Brehm tells Chris Moody of Yahoo News after Police escort the protesters out of the shop: “I just had to shut it down, I couldn’t stand it. We all have our rights, but not in my place.” Good for her for standing up for her rights as a property owner.

Will There Be A ‘Santorum Surge’ In New Hampshire?

Rick Santorum hasn’t spent much time in the ‘Granite State’ of New Hampshire but, he’s scrambling to catch up after going all out in Iowa. CNN’s Political Ticker blog: Des Moines, Iowa – On the heels of a new CNN/TIME/ORC poll showing him surging among Republicans in Iowa, Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign is scrambling to buy television time in New Hampshire. A source familiar with the move told CNN that the campaign started to make media buys in New Hampshire

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Rick Santorum Spars With Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton (Video)

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse, Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania, wipes the floor with MSDNC MSNBC host Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton during an interview segment on Morning Joe. To watch the whole segment, visit this link. To keep up with the ‘Santorum Surge,’ be sure to read Robert Stacy McCain at The Other McCain (and don’t forget to hit the tip jar…).