Great New Jon Huntsman Ad: ‘Country First’ (Video)

I glossed over Jon Huntsman early on, called him ‘Obama’s pal‘ and all that and was backing Rick Perry early on but you know what? Jon Huntsman is the real deal and wants to keep this great country of ours strong. This ad is running in New Hampshire right now. Click this link to help keep it on the air. [youtube]

Jon Huntsman: Mitt Romney Is ‘Unelectable’ (Video)

Via HotAirPundit, the former Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman is 150% correct in his assessment of Mitt Romney against Barack Obama in the general election. This is exactly why the media is playing up Governor Romney just like the way they did with Senator McCain in 2008. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The Hill reported: Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said Mitt Romney’s inconsistency on issues such as abortion, gun rights and

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Jon Huntsman’s Daughters Parody Of Herman Cain Ad (Video)

Herman Cain’s ad with his Chief of Staff Mark Block was sheer brilliance. You can find the ad at this link. The ad has helped Mr. Cain rake in the dollars in October, now his best fundraising month to date. Mark Block explained the message behind the ad at this link. Now, Jon Huntsman’s daughters have made a pretty cool parody of the ad. Politico writes about the parody: Jon Huntsman’s daughters parody the Mark Block cigarette video, minus the

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