Jon Stewart Skewers CNN Over Navy Yard Shooting Coverage (Video)

Jon Stewart

Journalists should be objective and report facts, not conjecture and speculation. Sadly, this is often lost at CNN. CNN boss Jeff Zucker said in July he wants more objectivity at the network. This has yet to come to pass. Last night via Mediaite, in a bit appropriately titled 'Wrongnado', Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team did a marvelous take down of CNN over its coverage of the Navy Yard shootings. See an earlier skewering of CNN at this link.

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Jon Stewart Rips Into CNN (Video)

Via Mediaite, this is really funny. Related articles Sheryl Sandberg To Jon Stewart: ‘Blunt Truth Is Men Still Run The World And I’m Not Sure That’s Going That Well’ (FB) ( Jon Stewart to Sean Hannity: Your show is like the show of a guy who was hit as a child ( VIDEO: Jon Stewart On The Perils Of Gay Marriage (

Rachel Maddow Dishonestly Calls Justice Scalia A ‘Racist Troll’ (Video)

On The Daily Show, Ms. Maddow calls Justice Scalia a ‘racist troll’ for calling a part of the Voting Rights Act a “racial entitlement” during a recent hearing on a case that wants to end the federal government oversight of the law. Signed in 1965 by President L. Johnson, the Voting Rights Act requires several states and counties with a history of racial discrimination to clear election-related changes with the federal government. While Justice Scalia was simply arguing that states

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Jon Stewart On The Obama Administration’s Libya Attack Cover Up (Video)

The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team obliterate the Obama Administration for their (wrong) hunch about the assassination of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens. This was fun to watch while waiting for the interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Via Mediaite The recent White House debacle surrounding the Libya attack spurred Jon Stewart to unveil a new segment on Monday night: “Do You Guys

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