Bill Maher: Navy Yard Shooter Did What Joe Biden Said To Do – Buy a Shotgun (Video)

The line comes about 1:30 into the video above. The line references this answer by VP Biden in an interview from earlier this year which was proven false. I love where the Huffington Post below claims David Frum is a Conservative. My Liberal brother is way more Conservative than David Frum. Sadly, none of the panelists talked about the real problem and that is reforming the background check system and doing more for mental illness in this country. No amount of gun control can prevent mass shootings.

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Lets Joy Behar Have It (Video)

Disgusting lib Joy Behar saw some video of Mitt Romney brushing his hair and instantly thought of the philandering liberal John Edwards? Thankfully, Conservative sister Elizabeth Hasselbeck was there to put the vile Ms. Behar in her place. Via Breitbart.TV: The View's Joy Behar, after ripping into former presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC), tried to [...]

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Joy Behar Hates All This Constitution Loving (Video)

Liberals heads are exploding over the fact that House Speaker John Boehner wants to have the Constitution read aloud tomorrow and also that the GOP wants to have a rule that all bills brought up before the House of Representatives must reference where the Constitution authorizes the legislation. Via Breitbart and the great Ken Shepard [...]

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Fire Joy Behar

Investor’s Business Daily with an excellent opinion piece about the Joy Behar vs. Sharron Angle feud.Amplify’d from www.investors.comDoes someone who calls a Senate candidate a “bitch” who is “going to hell” belong on national TV? If ABC doesn’t fire Joy Behar, it will be sanctioning her violent rhetoric. What will be the next outrageous example [...]

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