Shame on CNN Reporter Peter Hamby

Wisconsin officially a battleground: President Barack Obama going to Milwaukee next weekend >…— Peter Hamby (@PeterHambyCNN) September 13, 2012 Soledad O'Brien gets caught with Talking Points Memo crib notes now, CNN reporter Peter Hamby blatantly shows his bias by tweeting out a donation link to the Obama campaign. No bias at CNN? Yeah right...

CNN Experiencing Lowest Ratings In 10 Years

April saw CNN experience its lowest-rated month in over 10 years, with the network bringing in an average of only 357,000 viewers. As the New York Times‘ Brian Stelter reports, much of CNN’s ratings struggles are attributed with its having to contend with two other cable news networks that provide a clear political point of view. And it would appear that nothing brings people together in front of a television set quite like partisan politics.