Check Out This Sign on MSNBC at the South Carolina Democratic Forum

Brilliant. Kudos to the person responsible holding the '' sign on MSNBC at the South Carolina Democratic Forum.

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CNN’s Carol Costello Let’s Her Bias Show Through (Video)

Aren't journalists like Carol Costello supposed to be objective? Not when its about Republican women being attacked...

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Smears Sarah Palin For Having a Christmas Tree – on Christmas (Video)

The warped mind of a Liberal on full display in the video above. No wonder MSNBC is considered the most partisan network.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Positively Giddy About President Obama’s Inauguration (Video)

Via Newsbusters, more media bias on display from CNN. Another example of Mr. Acosta's bias can be found at this link.

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Study: MSNBC Much More Partisan Than FOX News

There’s a reason I call it MSNDC.

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Gov. Chris Christie Hits David Gregory on Media Bias (Video)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This was the most enjoyable part of the show. David Gregory and the Liberals later on David's panel, kept asking about Mitt Romney's plan. I would suggest Mr. Gregory get a little more preparatory like his predecessor Mr. Russert. Because, all you have [...]

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More CNN Bias On Display – Jim Acosta (Video)

Via Newsbusters, CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked Mitt Romney today, "If you were to somehow beat the first African-American president, what would you say to the black community to assure them that you would be their president also?" I was stunned watching this live but, as I have shown before, this should not be unexpected [...]

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