Mitt Romney Slow Jams The News w/ Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Mitt Romney was on Jimmy Fallon last night and took a turn at slow jamming the news of President Obama's upcoming 2014 State of the Union address.

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Mitt Romney Dances Gangham Style (Video)

Mitt Romney learns to dance Gangham style. Enjoy.

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‘MITT’ – Official Trailer (Video)

See the official trailer of Mitt (a.k.a. Romney – The Movie) above which is coming in January 2014. Mitt is a NetFlix documentary – a rare inside look at one man’s quest for the presidency of the United States. […]

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The Biggest Lesson the GOP Should Learn from Election 2012

Great take on the recent election between Mitt Romney & President Obama from the always terrific Frank J. Fleming at PJ Media. Frank writes about the biggest lesson the GOP should learn from election 2012.

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Great Panorama Of Last Night’s Romney Rally Crowd in Ohio

Last night's Romney rally drew between 18,000-30,000. President Obama only drew 2,800 earlier in the day in Ohio. Take a look... (Click this link for full size version of the panoramic view of the rally.)

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Get To Know The Real Mitt Romney (Video)

Hear the stories the media won't tell you. See more stories at this link. In this video, while working on Mitt's 2008 campaign Natalie Crate was diagnosed with brain cancer. Mitt and Ann helped support her through this difficult time.

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‘The Real Mitt Romney’ (Video)

Good to see some folks in the MSM breaking through the fog of disinformation about Mitt Romney the rest are helping the Obama administration put out.

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