Baseball Great Johnny Bench Loses His Health Insurance Thanks to ObamaCare

Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench says he’s in the same boat as millions of other Americans who have lost their insurance recently.

Via Twitchy, even one of baseball’s legendary players can’t escape the effects of ObamaCare.

Keith Olbermann is 150% Right About the Nationals and the Navy Yard Caps (Video)

I watched portions of the Nationals vs. Braves day/night doubleheader yesterday and wondered why the players weren’t wearing the blue and gold caps that were in the news (see this link too). Keith Olbermann explains why.

He is 150% right. The Nationals could have auctioned off the hats and donated the money to the victims families. Would have been tremendous PR for the team. As Keith mentioned, they could have developed a hat with a dual logo hat for the same reason. Epic PR failure by the team.

(Video via D.C. Sports Bog)

Worst Umpire Call Ever? [Updated]

In the tag seen round the world, Umpire Jerry Meals apparently didn’t think the Pirates catcher Mike McKenry tagged the Atlanta Braves Julio Lugo sufficiently and made a really gutsy call.

This play really reminded me of the Sid Bream play between these same teams from some years ago.

Lugo says he was safe and I have looked at the video below several times as well as one over at ESPN and I can see what appears to be clothing moved by the mitt (see about 2:15 into the video below). Baseball gives second basemen a lot of latitude when completing a double play, but not to catchers?

Credit to Jerry Meals on making a gutsy call. UPDATE: Meals says he ‘missed’ the call.

Exit Question: Should McKenry have blocked the plate a little better?

(Video via Sports Grid)