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MSNBC’s Morning Joe Has a Laugh Over #PajamaBoy (Video)

Even the Liberal Mika Brzezinski couldn’t contain herself. As Politico’s Jim Vandehei notes in the video, ObamaCare Is “One Of The Most Flawed Rollouts In The History Of Mankind”. Exit question: How much would she have laughed at this photoshopped version of #PajamaBoy?

The Rachel Maddow Show – Now Sponsored by Exxon Mobil (Video)

Given how much airtime Ms. Maddow has used to rant against Exxon Mobil in the past (see here and here for two examples), cue the irony as her Rachel Maddow Show is sponsored by the ‘big’ oil company. Exit question: Is she on the verge of becoming as big a hypocrite as Ed Schultz? (Video via WFB)