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Johnnyswim ‘Home’ #MusicSaturday

One of the favorite tunes of 2016, the Johnnyswim song ‘Home’ is from their 2012 album Diamonds. Johnnyswim is an American folk, soul, blues, pop music duo from Nashville, TN


Allman Brothers Band ‘Wasted Words’ #MusicSunday

After the great Greg Allman’s passing last weekend, been listening to quite a bit of the Allman Brothers Band this week. Greg Allman’s funeral was yesterday. Here’s one of my favorite Allman Brothers tunes. Enjoy!


U2 ’40’ – A Song of Thanksgiving

On Sunday at church, we recited Psalm 40. Whenever I think of Psalm 40, I can’t help but think of U2’s song ’40’ – a beautiful rendition of the Psalm.