NFL Commisioner Apologizes To Fans

Thankfully, fans won’t have to suffer through something like this again until 2020. Via WTOP NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized to the fans who fretted through three weeks of replacement officials calling their favorite teams’ games. “Obviously when you go through something like this, it’s painful for everybody. Most importantly, it’s painful for fans,” he said on a conference call Thursday, about 12 hours after the league reached a deal to bring back the regular officials. “We’re sorry to have

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Welcome Back NFL Referees! (Video)

The NFL & NFLRA have reached an agreement which the league confirms. This news can’t come soon enough. Via Pro Football Talk The NFL and the NFLRA are in simultaneous possession of a new labor deal. The league and the officials’ union have announced that a new collective bargaining agreement has been reached, and that the regular officials will return for Thursday night’s game between the Browns and the Ravens. It’s an eight-year deal that still must be ratified by

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NFL Spat With NFLRA Not Likely To End Soon

See this post on Pro Football Talk as well as this one. The NFL says the NFLRA has been 'moving the goalposts' in negotiations. The NFL is solely to blame for this fiasco and deserves the ridicule it is due. God help the players if they have to endure a regular season with replacement 'scab' officials, some of whom clearly aren't ready for 'prime time'.