Source: NBC Finds At Least 10 Brian Williams Embellishments

The list of embellishments by Brian Williams is up to ten (10). Read the list at this link.

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Court Rules Against George Zimmerman in NBC Defamation Case

This was going to be a hard one for George Zimmerman to prove without the testimony of an NBC employee who could testify to the malice intent.

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ABC, NBC, and CBS News Work To Coverup IRS Scandal

Shocked? You really shouldn't be. If it were a Republican in the White House imagine how many stories there would be.

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Leno & Fallon’s Hilarious Tonight Show Controversy Parody Duet (Video)

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon address the Tonight Show controversy by singing a parody of 'Tonight' from West Side Story.

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George Zimmerman Punches Back At NBC News

Good for him for standing up for his rights. This case should be a no brainer for any judge given the depth NBC went to to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Via CNN George Zimmerman, charged in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Florida boy, sued NBC Universal on Thursday for using "the oldest [...]

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Are Matt Lauer’s Days Numbered At ‘The Today Show’?

According to the Daily Mail, the long-time host is being blamed for the NBC morning show's plummeting performance. GMA took the top spot in the morning show ratings race after Ann Curry was ousted and replaced by Savannah Guthrie. Having watched Guthrie and Lauer together, this news is not a surprise as the two just [...]

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So Glad Parks And Recreation Is Back! (Video)

Parks And Recreation is back! Check out the great cameos from episode one of the new season, especially the one with Senator McCain, in the video above.

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