1/4 of Atlantic City Casinos May Close This Year

Atlantic City in New Jersey is no longer the East Coast entertainment mecca it once was and has facing more competition. Sadly, changes are needed.

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See This AWESOME Christmas Light Show in NJ (Video)

Via WashFM, an awesome display of Christmas lights from Wall Township, New Jersey that uses pyrotechnics (the natural gas bill must be insane at Christmas time...). You can see more great Christmas lights on the upcoming finale of the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC.

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Something’s Amiss With This Chris Christie Photo Op

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. pic.twitter.com/02JoWHtvVH — Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) December 10, 2013 Ya think? Related articles 'It begs for memeing': Is the Chris Christie 'boob hover' the new Sad Keanu? [pics] (twitchy.com) Oh Chris Christie, Did You Really Have To Take That Picture? (ijreview.com) (H/T Hot Air)

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TIME Magazine Disrespects Governor Chris Christie

I know this headline can be taken any number of ways but, there easily could have been a different headline. This reminds me of when TIME used a reference to Springsteen to describe the Governor that he took as a mafia reference. Related articles Why is Chris Christie so liked? (saydaword.wordpress.com) Romney: Christie 'Could Easily [...]

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Poll: Chris Christie Up 20 Points on Barbara Buono

With family located in Jersey, I always keep an ear out for New Jersey news. Via NJ.com A new poll has some good news for state Sen. Barbara Buono, the Democratic candidate for governor: She’s getting closer to Gov. Chris Christie. The bad news: She’s still 19 points behind. The Fairleigh Dicknson University PublicMind poll [...]

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Happy Birthday Governor Christie! (Video)

With family in New Jersey, I like to keep an eye on Governor Christie news. The video is pretty good. If only Virginia had a dynamic, outspoken Governor like New Jersey's Governor Christie.

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Katrina On The Hudson

Glenn Reynolds at USA Today compares the Federal, State & Local Government's response to Superstorm Sandy to the Government's response to Hurricane Katrina. Well worth a read. BIGGER Government is always SLOWER Government.

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