Ten 2013 Stories That SHOULD Make News in 2014

Great post from CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson. Click this link to read her list.

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Why Won’t The Federal Government Enforce Existing Gun Laws?

Vice President Joe Biden recently told the NRA that the Federal Government 'doesn't have the time' to enforce existing gun laws (something the NRA has proposed) and instead is pushing ahead with creating new ones. Considering gun prosecutions under the Obama administration are down 45%, shouldn't Congress and the President focus on that?

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The Difference Between Wide Receiver And Fast & Furious (Video)

The Obama administration says that George Bush started Fast & Furious as the Obama administration operation was identical to Bush's (it wasn't as Moe Lane points out at RedState). So, how are they different? I could write a long post about it but, The Right Scoop has a great video from Rush Limbaugh explaining the [...]

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