Obama Voter Plans To Fight For Right To Vote Twice

This Cincinnati voter plans to fight for the right to vote as many times as she likes. Except, that it's called voter fraud. Chris 'Tingles' Matthews smeared the GOP recently saying that the GOP is trying to prevent people from voting. No Chris, the GOP is trying to prevent what happened in Cincinnati and in [...]

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Ohio Will NOT Create ObamaCare Health Exchange

This is great news for residents in Ohio. As we showed you at this link, the Federal Government is going to essentially run the exchange no matter who creates it. So, why spend state money then? This means Ohio can use the money they were going to spend in much better ways to the benefit of its citizenry.

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Great Panorama Of Last Night’s Romney Rally Crowd in Ohio

Last night's Romney rally drew between 18,000-30,000. President Obama only drew 2,800 earlier in the day in Ohio. Take a look... (Click this link for full size version of the panoramic view of the rally.)

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Saturday Night Live Mocks Obama (Video)

Good to see them giving equal bashing to the candidates. Mediaite sums up last night's cold open In the second installment of SNL‘s special Thursday night shows, Jay Pharaoh‘s President Obama got a chance to speak to a big crowd of supporters in Ohio, with his tradition of rolling up his sleeves “like a weatherman [...]

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Mitt Romney’s Fantastic Top Gun Themed Bus Tour Kickoff (Video)

Via Charlie Spiering, a pretty freakin' epic bus tour kickoff in Ohio.

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Link: Man Who Introduced Obama At Rally Owes $500G To Former Employer

Link: Man Who Introduced Obama At Rally Owes $500G To Former Employer That's not what I would call 'Betting on America'...

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Ohio Man Fined After Giving Cash To Panhandler (Video)

WTH is this world coming to? Via AP

CLEVELAND (AP) -- An Ohio man says he was giving money to a panhandler in a wheelchair when the cash fell to the ground and he was cited by police for littering. WJW-TV reports John Davis, of Elyria, could have been ticketed for donating to a panhandler but instead was cited for a potentially more expensive violation issued to people who dump trash. It's a $344 ticket, plus court costs and attorney fees. The 42-year-old Davis says he was driving May 17 when he spotted the panhandler and reached out of his vehicle to give the man a couple of dollars, but the money dropped.
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