Jay Leno To Joy Behar – ‘Osama Bin Laden Is Your New Boss?’ (Video)

Love seeing Current TV host/Liberal hag Joy Behar get her comeuppance whenever it happens. See this link for another example. This question was in reference to Al Jazeera buying Current TV. Question is, will Ms. Behar now be required to wear a Burqa?

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Love This Bumper Sticker – ‘Osama Bin Gotten’

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Why Does President Obama Take SO Much Credit For Killing Bin Laden? (Video)

Great new hard-hitting ad from the group Veterans For A Strong America that hits President Obama very hard on politicizing the Osama Bin Laden killing. Notice how President Obama uses the word “I” a lot? The ad makes the point that the real heroes deserve better than a narcissistic President who uses their bravery to score political [...]

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Cartoon Of The Day – Obama’s Bin Laden Trophy

As usual, the awesome Rick McKee at the Augusta Chronicle hits the nail on the head. Here, he takes on President Obama for spiking the Bin Laden football for himself.

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